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PX248 Prime Gaming Monitor - Certified Refurbished

PX248 Prime Gaming Monitor - Certified Refurbished

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PX248 Prime - Certified Refurbished


  • Factory Re-certified products is a great way to save towards your new gaming setup.

  • Damaged goods that have been repaired to return them to like-new condition.

  • Occasionally, technology misbehaves right out of the box.  Product work as expected, but may have needed replacement parts.  Refurbished products are repaired and stored to a like-new state (may have minor scratches/damages), by one of Pixio’s in-house repair centers or manufacturer.  The products are verified to work properly and include all essential parts and accessories.

  • Pixel Standard: May contain 0 – 5 dead, stuck on/off, bright/dark pixels.

  • Aesthetics Standard: May have minor scratches/dents or noticeable use.


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Customer Reviews

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Impressive, BUT....

I bought this because my DEARLY LOVED PX329 is struggling, so I needed a replacement. I genuinely wish pixio still offered that monitor, i would buy it again in a heartbeat. SO, for all you other folks who are in the same position, i will give my review based on the standard that monitor set, and go from there.

so first off, the colors and brightness are pretty comparable. the darks are slightly darker on the PXC348C and the colors seem a touch more saturated with a teensy bit more range in gradients.

i wasnt expecting it to be so much smaller on the vertical axis. this thing is WIIIIDE, so it will take some getting used to after swapping from the big beautiful welcoming presence that the PX329 provided. even that wideness just doesnt provide that same visual real estate as the comfortably broad space of my previous monitor. the extra wideness is going to be nice for video editing though. as it will facilitate more horizontal room for the timeline etc.

as for high frame rates, things are a bit messier. I am running on a 4090, so the graphics card is able to push the necessary amount of frames, and utilize free sync. but very fast mouse movements in games will make for some pretty rough visual messes. the overdrive function is atrocious. it leaves a thick yellow smear behind any moving object. it will definitely take some time to get used to this new monitor for playing FPS games. this, more than anything made me miss my old PX329...

all that being said, am I happy with my purchase? Yes, overall for the price range, and features this monitor rocks. I tested and sent back several monitors from other manufacturers that are in a similar price range. this monitor is PRETTY, it checks all the boxes that got me to pick up my original PX329. BUT there are some teensy differences between those two monitors. if I had the option, I would prefer to re-buy the PX329, but this is perfectly satisfactory

Really good moniter

Very good customer care and the moniter is really cool 144hz liked promised and has really good graphics and quality and lot of customization to give you the best graphics my only thing is the hdmi I got wit it does not fit in the ps5 so I had to use a different hdmi but uther than that it's a 10/10 moniter


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2nd pixio monitor and it doesn't disappoint