Pixio is the most affordable monitor brand for gaming enthusiasts.

Founded in 2016 by hardcore gamers. We take into consideration the quality expected by enthusiasts at budget prices everyone can appreciate.

Our main mission is to provide the highest standards for monitors at lower costs. To supply the best monitors at affordable prices for gamers, we eliminate intermediary costs, mass marketing nonsense, and sell directly to the markets.

We here at Pixio wish to grow and constantly improve upon our quality, provide an ever-increasing variety of products, and be the gold standard in Affordable Quality for your monitor needs.

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We rebel to excess

High quality monitors

By selling direct online, we are able to avoid excess and provide our high quality monitors at a price everyone can enjoy.


We make performance and quality the main priority.
We only use the best panels from manufacturers like Samsung, LG, and AUO.

Feel free to play hard and if you encounter any issues with our products, our knowledgeable customer service team in California is ready to take care of you.

Our monitors are ready, are you?

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