Pixio Brand Guidelines

Download Pixio corporate and product logos. Logos are available in various file formats.


Red mark over black (#000000) background

Red mark over slate (#151516) background

Red mark over white (#FFFFFF) background

Primary Mark

For most applications, use a simple red mark over a solid background


Our logo should always have space to breathe. The red spacing around our logo is the safe zone. Please don't put stuff in it.

Logo usage

Using our logo consistently ensures brand recognition and allows for creativity elsewhere.

On darker colored backgrounds, use our red logo

Or use with our white logo

White logo in use

White logo in use

Red logo in use

Make sure it's legible

Please don't mess with our logo. Avoid the examples mentioned below at all times. 

Don't go crazy with color mix. 

Don't change our logo colors 

Don't apply gradients

Don't warp 

Don't place over busy backgrounds

Don't apply effects

Social Branding

The way we present our brand should remain consistent across all social channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. 

For social, we like to use the Pixio Red (#E1251B) to add visual interest.