PX278 Gaming Monitor

Firmware Update

Model: PX278

Please download latest firmware to update your monitor

*Please do not use this update for any other model than PX278 and only PX278. This firmware is not for PX278WAVE. Updating with the wrong firmware will brick the monitor and it will no longer work. This will void the warranty. We are not liable for installing the wrong firmware for your monitor. Please contact us directly if you do not see a firmware update for your model. 


File Format







DDC/CI function added

Match model number: Back label (circled in image).


To update

Update software using an update file on a USB device

1. Download the file and save it in "merge.bin" format to a USB storage device.

2. Connect the USB device to the USB port on the monitor. Select > System Setup > Firmware Update.

3. Follow the instructions on the screen to proceed with update.

4. Your product will turn itself off and on again automatically after completing update, and then turn off your product.

‾‾‾ To perform software update by using a USB memory, first format the USB memory to FAT32.
‾‾‾  When performing update, make sure that only one BIN file (.bin) is saved in the root directory.
‾‾‾ If the No update files found on your USB device. Please check your USB device and try again. message is display, this is probably due to the following reasons. 
   ‾ A USB memory is not connected to the USB port.
   ‾ The files in the connected USB memory are not compatible formats.
   ‾ There are no valid update files found in the connected USB memory. (There are no update files saved in the memory or the file names are incorrect.)
‾‾‾ Do not turn off the product until the update is complete. And prevent the updating from any interruption as far as possible. In general, the product returns to the previous version if an update is interrupted. 
‾‾‾ It is not a monitor-related problem because the screen may blink in green during USB update with a DVI-HDMI converter connected. The software update is performed normally. Accordingly, wait until the update is complete.