Best Gaming Monitors 2021: Top Gaming Screens for 1080p to 4K Gaming

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Pixio PX279 Prime

Best 1080p Gaming Monitor

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Pixio PX279 Prime
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People might be clamoring over 4K displays and 1440p has a home in the hearts of many gamers who are trying to balance visual quality with value, but 1080p still has its place. The Pixio PX279 Prime is a prime example of just what 1080p is still good for. This gaming monitor delivers some of the latest specs you'd want from a gaming monitor while staying reasonable in price and high in performance.

The Pixio PX 279 Prime stretches its 1080p picture across a 27-inch, IPS panel with FreeSync Premium Pro and support for G-Sync. Thanks to a 400-nit peak brightness, the display can offer HDR support as well. But, the star of the show is the 240Hz refresh rate, which will see your games run as smooth as hot butter. Since 240fps will be a tough target to hit in some games, the support for FreeSync and G-Sync will help keep the visuals clean.