Best 27 Inch Gaming Monitor 2021: Upgrade Your Basic Gaming Display

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Pixio PX278 Gaming Monitor

Best Budget 27-inch Gaming Monitor

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Pixio PX278
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It doesn't take long looking at the Pixio PX278's specs to see why it's a true standout for budget gaming monitors. You're getting all the goodness of a 27-inch monitor with a 144Hz refresh rate. You'll get to enjoy the buttery smooth gaming it offers with low response time thanks to its TN panel, even if there's a tradeoff in viewing angles and contrast.

But, what takes this monitor to the next level for budget displays is the peak brightness, which hits 400 nits. That's enough for some light HDR implementations. Pixio even rounds it all off with FreeSync support and a USB pass-through port. While the monitor stand may be somewhat basic, Pixio also includes mounting points for a 100x100 VESA mount, so you can tweak your setup to be just how you like. All that coming in under $300 is truly impressive.