Valorant Pixio Tournament

First Pixio Legend's Arena Valorant Tournament

We kicked off the first Pixio Legend's Arena with a Valorant Tournament, where five teams competed for the prize of a brand new 280hz PX259Prime. You can watch the best moments on our YouTube video here!

The collegiate esports org, Cal Poly Pomona's Broncos, were a powerhouse on both sides of the bracket and met each other in the Grand Final. Team Bronco White and Team Bronco Gold battled in a best of 3. Team White came back from a 3-9 half to take Map 1 in an incredible comeback victory. Map 2 went to overtime and Team Gold came out on top to tie up the series. In the final map, Bind, both teams were neck and neck and ended up going to a nail biter quadruple overtime. Team Gold finally won in a 17-15 victory. 

Shout out to our TwitchTV casters DoubleXP and Lifted who made the live stream entertaining and educational! 

We'll be hosting more tournaments in the future (more chances to win monitors!!) so follow along and let us know what game you'd like us to host next!

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