Bronco eSport FragFest

Bronco eSport FragFest 2022

Bronco esports of Cal Poly Pomona hosted their Fall Frag Fest 2022 last weekend and over 1000 students participated in the event. Pixio was happy to be one of the primary sponsors of the event, providing monitors for the students to play Valorant, Smash, Apex, Multi-versus and more. 3 lucky winners walked away with their own Pixio monitors after winning raffle giveaways, and the winning Apex team was also awarded a brand new PX259 monitor each! 

This was one of the first events the Broncos esports team has organized since Covid restrictions have lifted, and it's safe to say it was a major success. The amount of participants was double what was expected and the energy that filled the halls of the Cal Poly Pomona College of Business Administration, was unmatched in recent times. College esports definitely felt the impact of quarantine, but it is surely making a return. 

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