UCLA Rivalries

California Rivalries: UCLA Esports vs. USC Esports

We partnered up with UCLA esports to host a LAN show-match against rivals USC esports. With in-person events starting back up, California Rivalries 2022 took place on campus at UCLA. The two teams competed across three different games: League of Legends, Valorant, and Smash. 

The night started off with a League of Legends match where the USC esports team came out victorious, putting USC up 1-0.

UCLA responded by winning the Valorant matchup, tying the series up 1-1. 

The matchup continued with a Smash game where USC came back out on top, putting the series at 2-1 in favor of USC. 

UCLA tied the series up by winning another Valorant series, and then took home the series with a final win in Smash! Thank you UCLA esports for a night full of fun and excitement! Make sure to come check it out next year! 

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