WAVE "Hello" to Our Newest Monitor in Our Lineup!

WAVE "Hello" to Our Newest Monitor in Our Lineup!

PC gaming used to be much simpler. Gamers would look for the best tech for the lowest amount of money necessary. This often meant that the aesthetic or looks of the equipment were not as important to a typical PC gamer back in the year 2000. However, with Alienware, Razer, and eventually ASUS Republic of Gamers, MSI, Gigabyte Eagleforce and other brands started to forge and shape the gamer aesthetic, more and more products became more stylized in different sizes, shapes and colors. This became evidently important with the birth of social media. People started sharing their setups, battle stations, and gear. More and more parts were being made with performance in mind and good looks to boot. Eventually, streaming erupted and became an integrated part of gamer culture. Streamers would show off the gear they have, and themes and aesthetics became part of gamer culture, whether people liked it or not.

Where does this all leave Pixio? For years, we have brought high performance gaming monitors to the market at very budget friendly prices. But customers have often asked about different colors, especially when we first introduced the pink custom painted PXC348Cs to reviewers. This raised customer interest on colored monitors. We first experimented with our pink PX275C Prime and were blown away by the eagerness of customers to purchase a colored monitor. This showed us that you guys like the choice of having different colored monitors.

So without further ado, we introduce to you the PX248 WAVE!

This model comes in four different colors: Blue, Pink, White, and Black 

It is a 24 inch (diagonal measurement) monitor that sports a 1080p Fast-IPS monitor capable of a refresh rate up to 200Hz and a 1ms GTG response time on both the DP1.4 port and HDMI2.0 port. 

Not only is the monitor a looker, but it can perform  as well; who said it had to be form over function or function over form?

The panel is frameless on 3 sides with a thin bezel on the bottom of the monitor for more support. It has a sleek stand that will keep your battle station fresh and clean. 


Nowadays, people have themes associated with their build, so why not have a monitor that can match it in color as well? You might be thinking that these monitors will cost a premium since they are made in different colors. We promise, the price of these monitors will definitely be under $200. We will do our best to stick true to our mission; extreme performance at a budget cost. And now, you can incorporate the look of your setup into that as well!

We also understand that not everyone would like the stand that does come with the monitor, so we are also releasing the PS1WS monitor desk mount in the same colors! These arms are articulate and adjustable to the setting of your liking. We do not have a price currently for these mounts yet either, but they should be similar in price to our current PS2S desk mount.


We are expecting a Q1 or Q2 release for these products, so stay tuned!

Customize your battle-station and make sure all the colors, shapes, and form fulfills your desired aesthetic without having to compromise performance. 

Work Hard. Game Harder.

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