Pixio Pink Monitor Powerhouse: PX248 WAVE & Matching Arm

Pixio Pink Monitor Powerhouse: PX248 WAVE & Matching Arm

Gamers, ditch the boring black! We are all about aesthetic gaming setups and the PX248 WAVE is here to answer your call for colored gaming monitors. The WAVE series gaming monitors boast a 200Hz refresh rate and a 1ms response time, ensuring smooth, tear-free visuals in your favorite fast-paced games. But the PX248 WAVE isn't just a looker – it features a stunning 1080p Fast-IPS panel for incredible image quality and a bezel-less design for a minimalistic look. 

Show off your personality with this vibrant pink monitor, or choose from classic black, white, and blue to perfectly match your setup. (Also available on the upcoming PX278 Wave).



We understand the allure of pink, and our pink monitor development all started with the PXC348C, out 34" ultrawide curved pink gaming monitor. 

Pixio Pink Monitor



This curved ultrawide monitor with a stunning pink custom paint job was a hit with reviewers and sparked the pink monitor revolution. Although no longer available, this pink gaming monitor told us that there was a demand from our customers. Specs of monitors were important, but the aesthetic was also as important. 

PX275C Prime Pink Monitor

This 27-inch 1440p pink gaming monitor offers a beautiful balance of performance and style, perfect for gamers and creative professionals alike. With a fully adjustable stand along with higher sRGB at 122.76%, this pink monitor is the best for those cozy gamers out there who prefer better visual quality. 

PX248 WAVE (New!)

This 24-inch 1080p Fast-IPS panel boasts a blazing-fast 200Hz refresh rate and a 1ms GTG response time at an incredible price point. Our PX248 Wave series comes in four different colors. Both the pink and the blue monitors have been receiving high support from our backers on Kickstarter. If you are interested, you can visit our Kickstarter campaign to claim your perk! 

PX278 WAVE (Upcoming!)

This 27-inch 1440p monitor offers a rapid 180 Hz fresh rate in 4 stunning WAVE series colors. 



Ditch the spray paints and colored tapes and let your personality shine through with the PX248 WAVE (and PX278 Wave) and create an effortless setup that reflects your unique style. We also offer matching PS1WS monitor desk mounts in all the WAVE series colors (sold separately). This allows you to maximize desk space and achieve a clean, coordinated look.

Pixio Pink Monitor

Don't settle for just performance or just looks. The Pixio PX248 WAVE delivers the best of both worlds, making it the ultimate PC monitor for budget-conscious gamers who want a stylish setup.

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