PX248 Wave Pink Makes Waves in PC World!

PX248 Wave Pink Makes Waves in PC World!

We were thrilled to see our PX248 Wave Pink gaming monitor getting a shoutout in the latest issue of PC World - Pixio PX248 Wave review: A monitor for fashion, flair, and clarity on a budget. The reviewer loved the monitor's overall design, especially the pink colorway that makes it stand out from the sea of black monitors. But the compliments didn't stop there. PC World also highlighted several key features that gamers will appreciate:

  • Solid color accuracy and respectable gamut: Experience vivid and true-to-life colors whether you're gaming, editing photos, or watching videos.
  • Good motion clarity: Smooth gameplay is a must, and the PX248 Wave Pink delivers with good motion clarity that keeps up with all the action.
  • Surprisingly good built-in speakers: No need for extra desk clutter with the PX248 Wave Pink's built-in speakers. PC World praised their quality, making them a great option for casual listening or when you just don't want to wear headphones.


PX248 Wave Pink aesthetic monitor setup
PC World also mentioned a couple of areas where the PX248 Wave Pink falls short. They noted that the stand has limited tilt flexibility and that there are only two video inputs. Here at Pixio, we understand these points. We designed the PX248 Wave Pink specifically to be a budget-friendly gaming monitor. By prioritizing the features that matter most to gamers – vibrant colors, good motion clarity, and built-in speakers – we were able to create a high-quality monitor at an affordable price.


Finding the Perfect Balance: Budget-Friendly Features for Gamers

Creating a budget-friendly monitor requires careful consideration of features. While some might prioritize a fully adjustable stand or a wider variety of video inputs, we focused on the core aspects that elevate the gaming experience. Here's a closer look at why we made the design choices we did for the PX248 Wave Pink:

  • Tilt Adjustment: A fully adjustable stand with swivel and height adjustments can be a valuable feature, but it can also add to the overall cost of the monitor. The PX248 Wave Pink's tilt adjustment allows you to find a comfortable viewing angle, which is essential for long gaming sessions.

  • Two Video Inputs: Having both HDMI and DP gives you more options for connecting your gaming consoles.  The HDMI input is there to ensure compatibility with any of the current generation consoles, such as the PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, or Nintendo Switch,  because they all have HDMI ports. Suppose you have a gaming PC in addition to your console. In that case, the DP input provides an alternative connection option, freeing up the HDMI port for the console without needing an additional adapter. 
PX248 Wave Pink monitor setup
Image: Jessiemomoko/ Instagram

While DP isn't as common on consoles yet, it's a powerful connection method that can support higher refresh rates. If you plan on using a monitor that offers high refresh rates for smoother gameplay, having a DP input means you're ready in case future consoles start incorporating DP outputs.

The Sweet Spot: Style, Performance, and Affordability

Of course, if you're looking for a monitor with a fully adjustable stand or a wider variety of video inputs, we offer other models at an affordable price. But if you're a gamer who wants a stylish pink monitor with great core performance at a fantastic price, then the PX248 Wave Pink is the perfect choice for you!

While the pink version is getting all the buzz, it's important to note that the PX248 Wave isn't limited to just pink! It is available in a variety of colors to suit your style, including pastel blue and classic white and black. So, whether you prefer having a vibrant pink or blue to brighten up your setup or a more neutral color to match your existing aesthetic, the PX248 Wave has you covered.

PX248 Wave White monitor setup
Image: Cozyleafs/ Instagram
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