Best G-Sync Compatible Gaming Monitors 2021: FreeSync Displays for Nvidia GPUs

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Pixio PX248 Prime

Best Budget G-Sync Compatible Gaming Monitor

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Pixio PX248 Prime
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A gaming monitor under $200 is a rare enough thing, and any that come at that price point might lack some of the features that make for an actual game-worthy monitor. That's not so with the Pixio PX248 Prime. This monitor is one of the most affordable ways to get up to speed in your gaming life, as it delivers a Full HD panel that can run at up to 144Hz for under $200. That panel also supports FreeSync Premium and can work with G-Sync as well.

What Pixio has on offer here is made all the more surprising by the features of its display panel. For one, it's an IPS panel, so it can offer quality colors and wide viewing angles. On top of that, it's bright, with a peak brightness of 400 nits. Given that brightness is one of the areas where budget displays can really skimp, it's impressive to see the Pixio PX248 Prime turn up the dial. And, even though it comes on a fairly basic stand, it has VESA mounting holes to let you use your preferred monitor arm.