Showcasing Pixio Monitors and RGB Customs PC at PAX East

Showcasing Pixio Monitors and RGB Customs PC at PAX East

PAX East, a premier gaming event, offers the perfect platform for companies to showcase their latest products and innovations to the gaming community. This year, Pixio partnered up with RGB Customs PC, a high-quality custom PC builder, to present their top-of-the-line gaming monitors at the event. The collaboration aimed to provide an unparalleled gaming experience for attendees, including streamers who visited the booth.

Pixio and RGB Customs PC booth was designed to attract gaming enthusiasts and streamers alike, with a sleek setup and powerful gaming rigs. The booth featured multiple gaming stations, each equipped with Pixio's monitors and high-performance custom PCs built by RGB Customs PC. This collaboration allowed attendees to experience the perfect synergy of high-quality gaming monitors and custom-built gaming systems. 

One station in the booth was equipped with our PXC277 Advanced, a curved 27-inch WQHD monitor with a refresh rate of 165Hz. It features a fast VA display with a 1ms response time, ensuring you won't miss a frame. The slim, bezel-less design provides also comes with AMD FreeSync Premium. 

Product(s) in Photo: PXC277 Advanced

 Throughout the event, several streamers visited the booth to try out the gaming stations and experience Pixio's gaming monitors firsthand. The streamers were able to play a variety of games on the provided systems, putting Pixio's monitors to the test in real-time gaming scenarios.

The streaming station was equipped with Pixio's PXC327 Advanced. This monitor boasts a stunning 32-inch curved display with a 1500R curvature, providing an immersive gaming experience by enveloping your field of view. Offering a 165Hz refresh rate, 1ms MPRT, and AMD Radeon FreeSync Premium support, this monitor delivers smooth, tear-free gameplay. Equipped with a Fast VA panel, flicker-free and low blue light technologies, and VESA mount compatibility, the PXC327 Advanced combines stunning visuals and versatility for an unparalleled gaming experience.

Product(s) in Photo: PXC327 Advanced

The streamers' presence at the booth generated a buzz among attendees and showcased the performance capabilities of Pixio's gaming monitors in a live setting. With a total of 17 playable games from developers, many gaming influencers were able to stream and play games.

The partnership between Pixio and RGB Customs PC at PAX East successfully showcased the impressive performance and immersive gaming experience that can be achieved with the right combination of hardware. The event allowed gaming enthusiasts and streamers to witness the capabilities of Pixio's gaming monitors firsthand, while RGB Customs PC demonstrated the power of their custom-built gaming systems.

The positive reception of the Pixio and RGB Customs PC booth at PAX East highlights the growing demand for high-quality gaming monitors and custom-built gaming PCs within the gaming community. As the gaming industry continues to evolve and thrive, collaborations like this one will play a vital role in delivering cutting-edge products and experiences to gamers worldwide.

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