PXC243 Gaming Monitor
PXC243 Gaming Monitor
PXC243 Gaming Monitor
PXC243 Gaming Monitor
PXC243 Gaming Monitor
PXC243 Gaming Monitor
PXC243 Gaming Monitor
PXC243 Gaming Monitor

PXC243 Gaming Monitor


Premier eSports Gaming Monitor

Looking for something form factor, faster but within your budget? 

The PXC243 is the perfect entree level gaming monitor for you.  At 24 inches, 1080p, and a 144Hz refresh rate, elevate the way you game without sacrificing too much. The slim, curved, bezel-less design also provides a space-saving solution for all your viewing needs. The PXC243 is a premier eSports gaming monitor that comes with everything you need for competitive gaming.

Screen Size24 inch
Resolution1920 x 1080p
Panel TypeVA, Bezel less design
Refresh Rate144 Hz
Screen TypeCurved, 1800R
Contrast Ratio3,000:1
Brightness250 nits (MAX)
Response Time3ms
Adaptive SyncAMD FreeSync Premium and G-Sync Compatible
VESA75 x 75mm
ConnectivityDVI (60Hz) x1, HDMI (120Hz) x1, DisplayPort 1.2 (144Hz) x1, Audio Out x1
IncludesMonitor, Stand, Displayport 1.2 Cable, Power AC Adapter

Customer Reviews

Based on 209 reviews

Will this monitor be able to run with the ps5 at 120fps also the screen for the border became undone and is falling apart after 3 months of use

Hello Chalill,

Thank you for the review.

IF you are still within the 1-year limited warranty for our Certified Refurbished products, we can still assist you with warranty. Please reach out to us here for assistance -> https://pixiogaming.com/pages/contact

To answer your first question, yes, the PXC243 should be able to display any games that can output at 120FPS. Not all games on the PS5 can do this.

4.5 Stars

looks brand new just one dead pixel over all super pleased with the monitor

Thank you for the review!

Please feel free to reach out to us if you ever have any questions or concerns -> https://pixiogaming.com/pages/contact
You can register your product here for warranty services if needed -> https://pixiogaming.com/register

Hold on to the original box and packaging in case you need to return it or for warranty services!

Stay Safe and Happy Gaming!

Really good just one problem

It is a really good monitor the only problem is i can’t get it to work in 240hz i have tried the displays setting and i doesn’t seem to give the option to change it to 240hz

Hello Ben,

Thank you for the review!

Have you made sure to connect the monitor to your device via DisplayPort or HDMI1 using an HDMI 2.0 cable or better?

For further assistance, please contact us at https://pixiogaming.com/pages/contact

Good budget display marred by poor brightness and bad audio quality.

Living in a smaller space, I needed something to upgrade my console gaming experience but most decent TVs are 40" and above these days. After looking up the specifications on Pixio's website, I settled on the P273 Prime as it hit all the bullet points I cared about. I don't really care about 4K but HDR, 120Hz, low flicker and AMD Freesync support were must haves.

Overall, it HAS been a major step up from my old 32" TV from 2015 but not without a host of frustrations. First, the brightness is poor and needs to be on 100% all the time whether you're in a bright room or a dark room. Anything lower than that and the entire display looks dull no matter what other color, contrast, or preset mode options you set.

Although the specifications sheet claims it supports HDR on Xbox Series X | S, in reality neither console detects it as HDR capable and, therefore, doesn't allow you to calibrate the display for HDR. This, apparently, is because the Xbox Series consoles won't recognize HDR on anything lower than 4K displays even if the displays are capable of it. So with the HDR setting turned on "On", the display is essentially emulating HDR10 on the Xbox Series games. The Xbox Series has no problems detecting the display as 120Hz capable and defaults to that mode automatically. It also detects the AMD Freesync capabilities but the setting to use it needs to be manually turned to "on" in the Xbox settings.

On the PlayStation 5, HDR works flawlessly on games that support it. The PS5 settings menu allows for HDR calibration. 120Hz mode is also game-dependent but on the games which offer 120Hz modes, the display works perfectly when those modes are enabled. However, the PS5 will not recognize the display as being AMD Freesync VRR compatible, but this is likely due to Sony's recent implementation of VRR and not being fully compliant with all Freesync devices.

And then there's the audio quality. It's so bad it makes me wonder why they even included a headphone jack in the first place. There is no bass, the highs clip to the point where they just cut out entirely, and the mids sound like listening to music in tin cans. The issue is so significant that I contacted Pixio support because I was wondering if I had a defective unit. The response I received in return was disheartening. Here's the direct quote from the support e-mail reply: "Unfortunately, the audio is as intended. The audio jack is meant for convenience and not sound quality. You will often find that most, if not all, monitors will be the same in audio quality."

This feels like a poor excuse when much cheaper TV units have significantly better digital audio converters in them. I ordered a USB-A to 3.5mm converter that has a better performing DAC in it and that cost $5.99. I find it incredulous that they spend all the money on display hardware but go cheap on a DAC that makes the audio-out nearly useless. If you're on PC, this won't be an issue because you're going to be using your PC's on-board or third party audio solution. But if, like me, you're using this as a console display, the only option is to use headphones through the respective controllers or buying a separate bluetooth audio device. This is an inconvenience, how much of one depends on what you already have at hand or if you don't mind faster battery drain from your controllers doing all the audio work for you.

All in all I like the display but I rather wish I had spent a bit more on something better. I've debated returning it and buying something different but the visuals and display performance have been such a step up from my old TV, I don't really want to go back while I wait to buy something different.

Thank you for the review!

Please feel free to reach out to us if you ever have any questions or concerns -> https://pixiogaming.com/pages/contact
You can register your product here for warranty services if needed -> https://pixiogaming.com/register

Hold on to the original box and packaging in case you need to return it or for warranty services!

Stay Safe and Happy Gaming!

Curved Gaming

Easily accessible and installation hassle-free, the Pixio PXC243 is a simple and lightweight Premier eSports gaming monitor that is perfect for all gamers. The beautifully designed bezel-less curved panel allows you to enjoy every angle for your viewing pleasure.

Fluid Gaming

The PXC243 can draw up to 144 frames per second, which reduces eye fatigue overwhelmingly compared to a typical 60-frame monitor, allowing you to experience an overwhelming difference in the game. The 144Hz refresh rate, makes it possible for average gamers to feel a difference in their own reaction speeds thus allowing you to go another step further to achieve maximum performance.

1800R Curvature

PXC243 utilizes a premium curved VA display panel that has a curvature rate of 1800R, which is the perfect fit any range of applications from general computing to gaming.

Enjoy immersive 178 degrees viewing angles. When a few people watch the same monitor, they all share exactly the same color without fading.

Conquer the darkness

3,000:1 contrast ratio for deeper blacks and more vibrant images. It will deepen the details of the dark part improving overall viewing while also making it easier to spot enemies hidden in dark areas of the map. Let us easily find enemies hiding in the dark.

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No Stuttering.
No Tearing.
Just Gaming. 

AMD Radeon FreeSync

FreeSync Technology puts an end to choppy gameplay and broken images. Enjoy fluid, artifact-free performance at virtually any frame rate. Behold the next breakthrough in PC gaming performance. The FreeSync technology in select AMD APUs and GPUs resolves the communication issues between the processors and the monitor, eliminating image tearing and choppiness for effortlessly smooth gameplay.


Flicker Free Technology

The Flicker-free technology eliminates flickering at all brightness levels and effectively reducing eye fatigue. Conventional LCD screens flicks 200 times per second. Your eyes may not see flickers, but can certainly feel them. Free your eyes from flickers by switching to Flicker-free Monitors and let your eyes do less work.

Visual Presents

Customize and create your own visual settings for everyday use. You can also select between preferred or recommended preset settings at any time.
In addition to the optimal settings for FPS, RTS and other games tailored to the game genre, you can choose movies and work.

Optimized for PC and Console Gaming

Equip yourself to compete in FPS, MMORPG, Fighting, Sport games not only for PC but also on any console. Compared to any TV or regular monitor, the PXC243 gaming monitor is specifically designed to enhance your performance in any game you play on any platform. Compete like a pro.  

What's in the Box

Product includes


Stand Stem

Stand Base

DisplayPort Cable

Power Adapter






Audio Out

VESA Ready

100 x 100mm VESA mounting compatible for your
personal setup needs

Stellar eye care

Play all day and night. Our eye saver mode reduces the monitor's blue light emission, reducing eye strain and providing a more comfortable viewing experience

3- Year Warranty

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