Radeon™ FreeSync Technology

FreeSync On and Off

Prevent screen tearing and stuttering.

Monitors run at a particular refresh rate. Screen tearing occurs when the GPU is out of sync, sending too many frames to render to the monitor. This means the frame rate doesn't keep up with the monitor’s refresh rate. The AMD's Radeon™ FreeSync technology in select AMD APUs and GPUs resolves the communication issues between processor and monitor. With FreeSync enabled, you are able to enjoy a smooth gameplay without image tears and choppiness.


Pixio PX277 FreeSync

Which Monitor?

Radeon™ FreeSync technology relies on AMD's Radeon graphics cards, and you also need a compatible and certified monitor.
FYI, Pixio's PX277 monitor has been certified by AMD and supports Radeon™ FreeSync.